Ontonix Software to Fly Onboard Alsat#1

Como 10-th July 2020. Ontonix ( http://www.ontonix.com ), a company developing unique and exclusive HW and SW Quantitative Complexity Management (QCM) technology, will deliver OntoNet™ software system to perform on-board complexity analysis of mission parameters of the Alsat#1 microsatellite which be launched in 2021.

“Ontonix is proud to contribute its QCM system OntoNet™ to the Alsat project. Our QCM solutions have been designed by aerospace engineers in the 2000s and are being used in various sectors such as defense, medicine, manufacturing and finance. However, this is the first time that our technology will be deployed in orbit” said Dr. Marczyk, the founder and chief technologist of Ontonix. “The key characteristic of our unique technology is that it is able to detect anomalies without actually being trained to recognize them. The number of potential anomalies in complex systems and contexts, such as spacecraft and space flight, is so huge that adopting a Machine Learning approach is impractical, not to say impossible”, he added. “Sudden spikes in system complexity constitute a formidable early-warning signal of malfunctions, anomalies or
cyber-attacks, and their identification is performed in real-time based on raw sensor
data without any prior training” he concluded.

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